Self‐introduction: Tommy Adams | 東進ハイスクール新宿エルタワー校|東京都


2015年 11月 11日 Self‐introduction: Tommy Adams

Hello everyone!

My name is Tommy, and I come from California in America. I grew up near Los Angeles, and spent a lot of time going to the beach and Disneyland! I have been in Japan for 9 years as an English teacher, but now I am here at Toshin!

I will be here at the Shinjuku School for training for the next 3 weeks, so you have a great chance to speak to me in English! Don’t worry about your English ability; since I am not your teacher, I just want to have fun speaking to you all! I have already spoken to a few of you, but I am looking forward to meeting with and speaking to more students. Don’t be shy!

English is a very important skill in the world, as it will let you communicate with people from many countries. But remember, it is just a tool for conversation, and knowing it at any level will allow you to have conversations with people who can’t speak Japanese. Whether you can speak in short easy sentences, or long natural ones, being able to communicate, will open up the world for you, and now is a great time to start!

Please share your hobbies, studies, experiences in other countries, or any topic you wish with me! I am ready to listen and talk with you!